Monitoring EU Funded Projects in Hungary

Monitoring EU Funded Projects in Hungary

Organisation: Átlátszó.hu (Hungary)

Publication Date: 04/10/2017


Over recent years Hungary has received huge amounts of funding from the European Union. Now, thanks to an interactive map developed by in 2016, anyone can learn how and where the money is spent and whether political affiliation is an advantage when applying for EU funds. The colour-coded feature highlights which areas received the most money during which periods, based on a scraped government database of EU-funded projects. Those interested can search by region, township or time period, to determine average funding amounts per capita, or totals for governed cycles. Based on database entries and whistleblower tips journalists produced multiple investigative articles on some EU-funded projects, one of them ended up investigated by OLAF European anti-fraud agency. Some of these stories are illustrated with short videos and camera drone footage to make them more compelling to the reader. The database serving as the basis of the feature is available at, while the map itself can be visited at Resulting investigative articles and short videos are available at


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