Open Database of Deceased Workers in Turkey

Open Database of Deceased Workers in Turkey

Organisation: Dag Medya (Turkey)

Publication Date: 01/31/2015



After the tragic mining accident that occurred in Soma, Turkey, it proved extremely difficult to document the working conditions of employees. There were discrepancies with the number of unionised workers, and an inability to provide sufficiently transparent data to account for the deaths of workers over previous decades. What was available was disorganised and lacking in detail to be able to pinpoint project data more effectively. This open database that we have produced works in a systematic way, providing visibility of the information gathered and giving much deserved recognition to the numbers of victims and the poor working conditions that they endured. It offers information in a way that may be filtered, added to and developed in the future, following in an orderly structure so that the public may view this open source data in a informative way. The project includes embeddable maps, graphs, and data in different formats that were prepared in a manner to allow open public access. Deaths of workers in over 20 sectors were located in the data covering the years 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. After the project was completed, we reported the death of workers with regular media monitoring and loaded them into the database at the end of each respective month. The most important details included the name of the company for whom they worked, and the names of the workers that were killed. This information was uploaded to the data table, and provided the opportunity to see the working frequency of losses that may have occurred in the same institution on a monthly basis. We began to gather media interest in the project, and the data began to be utilised by both journalists and media institutions, including the maps and charts. It began to be a reference guide to politicians, which helped to combat the major problem we have here in Turkey, of how to better achieve the provision of correct data recording, storage and availability.


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