Organisation: Bolshoi Gorod (Russian Federation)

Publication Date: 07/16/2014


The project addressed 3 main problems with watching news: - the lowering of journalistic standards and rise of bias and manipulation in times of conflict, - the need for context and explanations living in a 24 hour news cycle and having Twitter - comments under videos usually are not connected with something said or being shown on the videos Playbook is a layer upon popular video platforms that allows both viewers and editorial teams to enhance the experience of watching news by adding a tagged, color coded info cards within a video: an explainer, highlight, a case of manipulation or a specific issue you want to debate. We think it has potential to promote and encourage journalistic accountability as well as media literacy and engagement with audiences. With enough traction, this project may be further developed into a browser extension or JS bookmarklet and released over the course of the summer.

Technologies used for this project:

Yii Framework, MySQL, jQuery, underscore.js, Youtube player API, SCSS
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