Portfolio from DR Data Team

Portfolio from DR Data Team

Organisation: Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Data Team) (Denmark)

Publication Date: 04/08/2016


The Investigative Data Team at The Danish Broadcasting Corporation is proud to submit a portfolio with 10 of our best projects from 2015/2016. The team has achieved a variety in our publications that shows a range from small, quick stories based on data and illustrated with original and creative graphic design to large projects that integrate the best from investigative journalism with advanced data-tools combined with collaboration with TV documentary, TV news and radio news. The Data Team was launched October 2013. Our goal is to make unique, interesting and relevant news using data as a source and a method for the online news site of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Our stories are sometimes large, investigative projects that takes months to research, but it might as well just be small, interesting data-sets that are fast and easy to publish - but might be the facts that sets the record straight, gets the debate going or just makes our readers curious about a subjects. The Data Team has seven regular members: An editor, three journalists, two IT-developers and one graphic designer. Many projects are shared with other teams, so we collaborate with other journalists from other parts of the news organization to reach radio- and TV-audiences as well. Team-members have also occasionally been temporary replaced by other colleagues due to illness or maternity leave: that’s why many names appear in the credits.
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