Push notification alert for people

Push notification alert for people

Organisation: the jakarta post (Indonesia)

Publication Date: 05/14/2016


There are a lot of disaster and incidents people can report, usually reported in social media. However sometimes it lacks qualities to be made as news. First the reporting people is usually not a journalist themselves, they could not make standard journalism network. Second, it took a time for real journalist to go to the happening place. Third editors do not always have the contact of reporting person. Fourth, social media information sometimes contaminated with the fake news. Our 'Push Alert Button' utilised public source to report the disaster and incidents so media can response fast and create the breaking news immediately. Editor can contact the reporting person by phone or by in app messaging. If there is no editor or the reporting person was away from the phone when editor called, the app can verify automatically. The automatic verification is based on 'verification points', each report need to collect 30 verification points. If other person in nearby area (marked by geotagging) report same incident, the verification points will be added up by one, but if the reports contains the image (the software will read the EXIF data on the date, time, and geotagging), it will get three points. Other user will be blasted about the breaking news in the app that also will be appear in the news website.


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