Organisation: Haaretz (Israel)

Publication Date: 06/18/2015


Air pollution is an issue that directly affects the quality of people’s lives. Israeli people think that factories are the biggest polluters, but do not pay attention to the air pollution they create themselves: Every person is traveling by himself to work using his own car instead of choosing green methods like bicycles or public transportation. So how can we show Israelis that it’s crucial to reduce the number of cars on the road? We will create a special section on our website, using innovative coverage, user engagement and live reports to show the direct connection between heavy traffic and high air pollution. Using data from Israel's national air monitoring system and Waze’s users traffic information, that we'll combine together into a multi layer map, we will deliver the public this crucial information. Moreover, we will provide an engaging tool, that will help them see who’s making a similar route each morning at the same time to help them creating carpool rounds. Hopefully, this will enable us to ensure healthy lives, promote wellbeing and take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.


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