The Revolving Door

The Revolving Door

Organisation: CIPER / UDP (Chile)

Publication Date: 04/10/2015



This project aims to explore transit to and from the Executive branch in Chile, visually demonstrating what has been referred to as ‘the revolving door’ between the public and the private sectors. Red flags are raised to alert the user to a conflict of interest implicated by a certain transition, while yellow flags provide a warning regarding the existence of a potential conflict of interest. The website works on two levels: the user can navigate the information by exploring nodes displaying the connections between sectors and areas, or they can search for a specific public official’s timeline. On each timeline, where an individual has worked from the year 2000 onwards is presented horizontally, and how he or she may have switched from the public to the private sector, or vice versa, is clearly displayed. The Revolving Door was developed by CIPER Chile, a non-profit online center for investigative journalism based in Santiago de Chile, in conjunction with its partner in the project, the Universidad Diego Portales Centro de Investigación y Publicaciones. Together, we worked with a team of designers and developers to create optimal visualization of a complex set of information and connections. A group of young journalists also contributed to the investigation and research efforts necessary to track the careers of approximately 400 high ranking public servants from 2010 onwards. They gathered information from public sources, such as media outlets, government websites, company reports, and LinkedIn pages. They also sent emails and conducted interviews. With their help, we were able to create complete resumes for each individual studied, starting in the year 2000. The information was then leveraged to create a database that includes two key categories for each of the jobs held during that period: sector (public, private or other) and area (finance, health, education, mining, etc).


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