School absence in Denmark

School absence in Denmark

Organisation: Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Denmark)

Publication Date: 04/08/2015


From June the 10th to June the 13th 2014 the Investigative Data Team at Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) published more than 30 articles and several interactive graphics about pupil absence in primary schools in Denmark at The theme was based on data concerning absence due to illness, authorized absence and unauthorized absence at every class at every school in every municipality in Denmark. The data have never been published before. The reason the data never have been published is, that the authority (the Ministry of Education) was unwilling to share this information with the public. But after a struggle of 7 month we managed to get the data. For the first time ever in Denmark parents, teachers and pupils themselves were able to get an insight into absence at their own school and to compare with other schools in their local area or at national/regional level. All articles and interactive graphics are available here:
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