sinjar ditroed story

sinjar ditroed story

Organisation: rudaw media network (Iraq)

Publication Date: 03/25/2016



(Sinjar) or Shingal is the city from north Iraq where its name contributes to a great meaning, it is combined from two words, ‘Shing’ means (beautiful) and ‘Al’ means perspicuous. The combination represents attractive scene. However, on 03 AUG 2014, this glamorous city lost to ISIS militants. For more than a year, the city was under the siege of ISIS extremists. As the result of their inattentive actions, Shingal became uninhabited and a demolished city and the peoples are an yezidyan Exposed a genocide my project is a documentary film used a map of the Shingal city. I want to provide you some information regarding the siege occurred by ISIS and when it was rescued by the Peshmarga force The area of Shingal is 1714 square meters and it’s surrounded by almost 40 villages. Its population is 140,000; %70 of its inhabitants are Yezidi Kurds, %20 is Kurdish Muslim and the rest of the 10% consists of the Arab, Christians and Ashuri minorities. During the first two days of re-controlling Shingal, from 12/11/2015 to 13/11/2015, the coalition aircrafts had intensively pounded ISIS 36 times in and around Shingal. The Islamic Militants aimed to set fire on 5,000 tyres in order to cover the sky of Shingal with smoke and disrupt the coalition offensives. But ISIS could only blaze 1,200 tyres……. Three main streets, the Sarkaften, Minaret and Shurta were heavily attacked and most of the surrounding houses have been demolished. It’s estimated that 3,500 houses were ruined in Shingal. ISIS left 200 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Shingal city, but all the IEDs were defused and deactivated by the Peshmarga force.


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