Sisu: navegador das notas de corte (Sisu: Cutoff grade navigator)

Sisu: navegador das notas de corte (Sisu: Cutoff grade navigator)

Organisation: Correio* (Brazil)

Publication Date: 04/04/2015


Sisu is a system used by various universities in the country to select the students who will enroll in the institutions each year. The system uses the candidates' performance on the National Secondary School Exam (Enem) as a baseline, in the following way: After taking the Enem, the student registers in Sisu and chooses the course he or she wants to study as well as the institution of intended enrollment. The students with the highest grades are accepted, until the total number of available spots in each course is filled. That is, for a course with 20 spots, the students with the 20 highest grades who chose that course will be accepted into it. The minimum grade for acceptance – in this case, that of the 20th candidate – is called the “cutoff grade." The system is open for five days, during which the candidates can change their course choices. In this way, if a student notices that the cutoff grade for his/her intended course is higher than the grade he/she got, the student may change his/her choice of course until the final day. To help the candidates, on the opening day of the system in 2015, we launched the Sisu map, a tool that used the final cutoff grades from 2014 to serve as a guide for the candidates in 2015. In this tool, candidates could select the course they would like to study, as well as the form of competition (with or without quotas). The tool then showed in which states the grades had been highest, and upon clicking on the state, a table would open showing the cutoff grades for all the universities of that state. As candidates already had the grade that they had gotten on the Enem of this year, they could then compare their score with the 2014 grades and have a good idea of their chances in their courses of choice. Within a few hours, this tool became the most-read part of the CORREIO website, with more than 100 views in 24 hours. It is also interesting to note that although the CORREIO newspaper and its website are local and focus on the state of Bahia, the greatest portion of the views came from Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Belo Horizonte, thus proving the potential for this tool.

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