State Advertising 2006-2016

State Advertising 2006-2016

Organisation: Átlátszó.hu (Hungary)

Publication Date: 04/10/2017


State adversing is a hot topic in Europe's media landscape especially in Central-East-Europe where the former post-socialist countries' media markets are fragile and with the rise of the illiberal governments public money channelling into government-allied and propaganda media companies could be the best tool and example of political favouritism. Our aim was to show visually how this money-channelling worked through the last three governments using big data and focusing on political interest groups, oligarchs and partizans. Our project clearly demonstrates political favouritism in state advertising through the socialist-liberal governments (2006-2010), the second and the third Orbán-governments (2010-2014, 2014-). The database is in a cloud system so if we upload the fresh data in every quarter year, the visuals will be refreshed. The data and the visuals are reusable, searchable and embeddable for policy making, media research, investigative reporting purposes.


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