The Student's Union Monitor

The Student's Union Monitor

Organisation: Átlátszó.hu (Hungary)

Publication Date: 04/10/2017


Students' unions in Hungary receive financial background from public money and the leaders of the unions are often members of political parties' youth organisations and associations. We wanted to know how much money did they spend in the last six years for management and other activities by person (excluding social and educational grants). We made public information requests to the 20 largest Hungarian universities and high school institutions to know who received public money and upon what ground. Some universities fulfilled their FOI obligations base on the FOI-law, others rejected and we initiated legal proceedings against them. We received the data in different formats (PDF, JPEG, Excel) and with different categories, so we had to convert, clear, simplify and re-arrange them for analysing and visualisation purposes. Our aim was to publish the database for the public and make a browsable and searchable visual tool for every student interested in their representatives' financial support. The project was successful, more than 12,000 students used our website to see how much money their representatives received.


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