"Tagrobty" - My Experience

"Tagrobty" - My Experience

Organisation: Almasry Alyoum (Egypt)

Publication Date: 11/13/2014


Facts People with special needs and disabilities are 10% of the Egyptian population, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics statistics. In 2012, the Administrative Court issued a court ruling that government offices are obligated to have and escort and a sign language translator for disabled people. (Not implemented) The goal of the project To monitor the quality of services the government overs to people with special needs and disabilities in Egypt. Why start with tahreer complex? The biggest complex in Egypt as whole that provides all kinds of government services for all Egyptian citizens and foreign residents. Problems that people with special needs and disabilities face in tahreer complex No custom office services with disabilities on the ground floor. All offices that serve this category start from the second floor. No elevators on the first floor. Lifts start from the third floor. There is no officer responsible for directing or assist them to their demands. There is no sign language translator for people hearing disabilities. The majority of government offices do not alow blind poeple to use their stamps as a signature, they are obligated to sign on papers. There has to be an relative with every disabled person to eskort them to the complex. The compound is not designed building to rise wheelchairs. Most of the offices are very small, it makes it difficult for a wheelchair to enter the room. Future goals Branch out our services to tackle the problems of other goverment complexes around Egypt faced by people with disabilities and special needs. Examples: - Giza Complex - Abasseya Complex - Minya Complex and so on.... Conclusion The number of people with disabilities in Egypt is still growing because of the (medical negligence, road accidents, incidents of bullying, repeated incidents of violence, etc.) and therefore the State is obligated to its duties towards people with special needs and disablities that are listed in the constitution.

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