TaSKAL - Information for disaster victim

TaSKAL - Information for disaster victim

Organisation: BuzzFeed Japan & Yahoo! JAPAN (Japan)

Publication Date: 05/21/2017


Problem: most of disaster reports aren’t for disaster victim. Reporters tell what happened in disaster area to people outside. For example, how many houses collapsed, or how people live in shelter, these reports don’t help people there. Yahoo! JAPAN has big search data in Japan. We analyzed what people searched during Kumamoto earthquake last year. “Where is shelter?” “How to care babies and moms?”, which is what disaster victims want to know. So our target is Journalists and victims. Solution: We have developed “TaSKAL”, which means “it helps me” in Japanese. TaSKAL is a CMS for Journalists to send helpful information to victims. It includes templates which are made on the basis of search data of disaster victims. When disaster strikes, TaSKAL suggests Journalists what information should be sent to victims. The needs changes as time goes by. TaSKAL shows when and what information people want. All the information provided in one page made by TaSKAL, which is optimized for smartphone, which most of victims have when they evacuate today.
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