Tika Talk

Tika Talk

Organisation: The Quint (India)

Publication Date: 04/22/2017


PROBLEM: 1 in 5 babies born in India dies before the age of 5 – the age by which crucial vaccinations need to be delivered for full immunisation. 38% of children between 1-2 years aren’t fully immunised, leaving them at risk as well as compromising herd immunity. All this DESPITE at least 12 crucial vaccinations that are offered for free by the government. TARGET AUDIENCE: Our target audience will overlap with The Quint’s viewership of young urban people between the age of 15 and 35. Instead of overreaching and trying to access an audience that The Quint doesn’t already have resonance with, we’re trying to maximise the potential of its existing viewership. PRODUCT: The product is a game where the player will try to immunise as many kids as possible by answering questions that are posed in a conversation with a person from a lower socio-economic group with less awareness of immunisation than them. The idea is to push our audience to start conversations aimed at awareness with people with whom they interact regularly like their household help. The posed questions are common statements given by people who are wary of vaccinations or argue against them. They need to provide the correct responses to these questions and each right answer immunises a baby. But the game can't be won as the number of babies who will appear are more than the available time. The idea is to fail and then the game points out that total immunisation needs to be achieved. Then there is the push to ‘Start the Conversation’ around immunisation. GOAL: The end goal is behaviour change like in the case of education in India. Asking if children go to school and pushing them to do so (even going as far as to offering monetary aid, school uniforms and bools) has become common. We want to take this existing pattern of behaviour and shift the focus to immunisation and vaccination as well. We could have built a tool to provide greater access but behaviour change is crucial to get people to use a tool. WHY THIS WILL WORK: Everyone likes to play games – especially one that doesn’t require a long time or specific skillsets. The message appeals to patterns that already exist, so we’re not trying to start from scratch. It also appeals to a desire to do something good for society but without having to invest too heavily. A conversation requires very little time investment and no monetary investment at all. NEXT STEPS: The next step to this game would be to build a simple tool that geolocates all the government health centres and with a simple input of location, returns the closest government health centre to help the conversation along. MONETISATION: The game will bring clicks and page views to the webpage where it will be hosted, so The Quint can make money through ads. Also, the game and the tool would promote The Quint’s reputation as an organisation that cares and this can bring in numerous ad partnerships with other companies that want to push a similar image.


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