'Transformism' in parliament, 235 defections in less than two years

'Transformism' in parliament, 235 defections in less than two years

Organisation: La Repubblica (Italy)

Publication Date: 04/04/2015


From Letta to Renzi government, there have already been 185 members of italian parliament who have decided to give up to another political party: 13 have done as Razzi and Scilipoti and changed allegiance, almost all jumping on the Partito Democratico bandwagon. A Scelta Civica in demise, the haemorrhaging of Movimento Cinque Stelle between dismissals and leaving. And not forgetting the politicians that have this habit to take to flight: those who have managed to cross the entire political spectrum. A striking contrast with the governments of Berlusconi and Monti. (PS. In the section 'additional files', I enclose all the translation of the article, the interactive graphics and photogallery embedded). http://www.repubblica.it/speciali/politica/data-journalism/2015/03/16/news/cambi_di_casacca_camera_senato_parlamento_trasformista_scouting_deputati_senatori-109152167/


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