Organisation: Infoglobo (Brazil)

Publication Date: 04/08/2018


The Trueet (true + tweet) tool has basically two functions: use collaborative work, through people worried about fake news in their timelines on Twitter, to spread true information about that fact, bringing fact checking to Twitter when fake news is being disseminated, and prevent a fake news spread, alerting users that are not in contact with such misinformation. We have built a Progressive Web App (PWA) that sends notifications about fake news when it’s increasing on social media, scan the user's timeline on Twitter and identify, based on sentences and quotes (and, in the future, keywords and artificial intelligence), publications and retweets that are disseminating this specific misinformation on user’s timeline. Then the user will be able to post a default reply provided by the tool to his friends, warning them, in a cool way, about the fake news. When the fact checkers identify fake news on the Internet and write about them, the Trueet sends a notification to PWA users with a brief message about the fake news and the link to the fact checking. We decided to use a PWA because it is light, fast and does not require installing. The tool can be used by other teams of fact checking that wish to be partners and send notifications, rising the coverage about the fake news. We understand that, in general, many notifications can be annoying to users, so the tool will send in average three notifications per week. One person will be responsible for managing the tool, controlling it and choosing in which situations the notifications would be send, according to parameters such as the number of shares on social media, the degree of harm to the victims of rumors and the topic's relevance.
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