Under Pressure: A Simulation Training Website for New Journalists

Under Pressure: A Simulation Training Website for New Journalists

Organisation: D5 Studio (Philippines)

Publication Date: 07/08/2016


"Under Pressure" is a simulation training website for new journalists, which will test their reportage and decision-making skills in the face of a crisis situation. The website will provide scenarios based on actual natural disasters and emergencies that the media reported on in the past. In each scenario, a journalist taking the program will be asked to complete a series of tasks, after which they will be given videos and modules to help supplement the training. The intent is to prepare journalists with the right mindset in a crisis situation, before they are deployed for coverage or if they find themselves in such a situation. This program will be developed in collaboration with major news organizations in the country, government agencies, non-profit media groups, the private and commercial sectors and other groups involved in disaster aid and response. The next phase of the project is a development of a virtual reality component, which will enhance the immersive experience of the training program.
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