Undsirable Score

Undsirable Score

Organisation: GBC24 (Ghana)

Publication Date: 04/14/2016


Undesirable Score is basically an investigative piece on the plight of victims of June 3 in Ghana. The story was basically an interaction between myself and some households, who suffered losses in the twin disaster months after it struck. A disaster, that almost wiped an entire community and the worst ever experienced by the Cocoa growing nation - Ghana.The Nkrumah Circle is one of the busiest areas in the city of Accra-partly because it is a connecting point for commuters. On a usual day, business is brisk laced with the heavy human and vehicular traffic. The city of Accra particularly the Nkrumah circle area woke up to an explosion on June third that caught many by surprise. Hours of downpour exposed the weakness in the city's drainage system. Life came to a standstill that night and when the situation cleared - the city was left staring at dead bodies, burnt houses, toxic mixture of mud and sewage especially from the silted Odaw river which burst its banks and caused damage to property. Parts of Accra was left in darkness and without water supply. This incident dwarfs the 1994 floods which saw homes and businesses submerged .It was a day filled with shock and disbelief. A terrifying moment that left many injured, homeless and worst of it all dead. An unfortunate incident, that took Ghana by surprise. The worst affected were residents in and around the Nkrumah Circle area. Months after the June third disaster, the surviving victims are still struggling to come to terms with the tragedy. Counting the loss, has become an undesirable score for many who lost property worth millions of Ghana cedis through the stormy blaze. *The story was to find out how victims have been coping months after. *It was to address structural as well as drainage challenges that in part caused the accident *To bring the attention of the public to building on water ways and it dire consequences *How fatal the use of plastics, wanton and indiscriminate littering can affect a nation * Bring the attention of stakeholders to the plight of victims for more support * To see what lessons have been drawn from the happening and how the country hopes to mitigate it This piece targeted government officials, the Ghanaian populace, Foreign Donors as well as stakeholders within and beyond the shores of Ghana and indeed weeks after showing it on National Television victims received support from benevolent organisations to lessen their plight.


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