Organisation: Water Resources Research and Documentation Center / International University (Italy)

Publication Date: 04/10/2017



In preparation of the World Water Day on 22 march the WARREDOC, Alta Scuola, the mission structure of the government #Italiasicura and the National Urbanism Institue (INU) on 15 March, organized a 2-hour seminar to present and launch a series of initiatives focused on the topic “Digital Mapping & Active Citizenship”. During 2017 seminars, study days, short training courses and open days will involve experts from the academic and professional world, college and high school students in an open and informal debates with the participation of government agencies, public agencies, professional associations with the goal to share and discuss the new frontiers in scientific research, environmental sustainability and communication for the water sector. The main topic is the importance of water science and the involvement of citizens for awareness and environmental sustainability with particular attention to the importance and impact of Open Data and Open Science for the protection and development of natural and cultural heritage. Numerous speakers from various scientific and professional disciplines covering all areas of knowledge, gave brief presentations and interventions to targeted extensive discussions with a heterogeneous group of participants – including experts, young professionals and students – to analyze the strengths and the key issues of new frontiers and opportunities offered by the digital and technological progress to the sustainability and the health of the environment, the population and economy. The social media campaign #WorldWaterDay2017 was characterized by the extensive team of local, regional and national agencies that disseminated twitter and facebook posts, including short communications on the importance of digital media, innovation and ICT for water science, environmental sustainability and scientific communication with the online community to engage further thoughts and participation of citizens with innovation to solve the social and economic problems of our time and the future generations.

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