Where garbage we recycle is really going to?

Where garbage we recycle is really going to?

Publication Date: 02/02/2015


"El Polígrafo" has put 10 GPS in 10 recyclable things, like tetra pack containers, bottles, plastic containers, beverage cans, tins, and a gas heater. Then, we have taken them to five recycling spots on the Metropolitan Region’s five townships and tracked them over a month managing to reconstruct their way and compare it to promises given by each township. What happened with them? A tin ended up in a dump near a highway, a heater ended up in an illegal junk yard, and a plastic container in the city´s next to Santiago sanitary landfill. Others were approved of but with some objections —an aluminum can was nearly a month in the same garbage collector— and four ended up in a recycling center where they were recycled.

Technologies used for this project:

To do this story, ten GPS (Global Positioning System) were used. They permit detect the whereabouts of an object in any place of the world, through 24 satellites. The devices, akin in size to a cell phone, were “hidden” in ten recyclable elements that were left on recycling spots August 1st, in the afternoon. For a month, the GPSs were monitored.


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