Live factchecking of the State of the Union Speech

Live factchecking of the State of the Union Speech

Organisation: La Nación (Costa Rica) (Costa Rica)

Publication Date: 04/03/2017


We created the first platform in Costa Rica to fact-check, in real time, the President’s State of the Union Speech. While the President was speaking, we verified if the statements were true or false using data, graphs and images. In the platform, the users could follow the live thread and see in detail the explanation of the 23 statements that we verified. Before the speech, we created a spreadsheet with possible statements that the president could say, about the economy, employment, national security, energy, education and social policy. We gathered data about those topics and verified the statements in advance. We received the speech two hours before the event, and started confirming the facts. Besides the live fact-checking, we verified statements that the President had considered as achievements of his administration in press releases, but that he didn’t quote in the speech. In addition, we checked if the President had fulfilled 20 promises he had laid out in his previous speech. We discovered that he had failed to finish some of the infrastructure plans he had for 2015.
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