The war over water

The war over water

Organisation: (Peru)

Publication Date: 04/10/2017


"The war over water" is the first interactive comic developed in Peru that narrates the dispute over water and economic conflicts in one of the most important regions of Peru. We set out to narrate the nature of social conflict from the history of two farmers and from a disruptive format that allowed us to reach new audiences for a subject that is widely spoken among experts and politicians, but little among the citizens not involved with these issues. The project was developed over 8 months and is part of the investigative series #PrivilegiosFiscales of, which analyzes through the construction of a database the million dollar amounts that the State fails to receive by the tax benefits of private sectors with more power in Peru, as the miner. We chose the history of the Tia María mining project from Southern Copper, because it sums up the confrontation between the farmers of an important Peruvian valley and one of the most important mining companies owned by one of the richest men in Mexico and the world, German Larrea.


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