Games of News

Games of News

Organisation: La Stampa (Italy)

Publication Date: 06/22/2017


We want to solve this problem: in a period of information overload news are more and more complex and the readers are more and more alienated by traditional media like us (La Stampa). They prefer unconventional media, they are more likely affect by mis information and fake news or they are going to lose interest. For example, if you visit right now a newspaper website, you’re gonna find very complex topic, not understandable without background. Our specific target are young readers, many smartphone users and smart-game addicted. "Games of News" is a news-learning platform based on quiz, graphics, video and short contents. It has daily updates: every day you wake up and you find 3 main complex topics, like Syrian conflict, Brexit or vaccines. Instead of read the pieces of news, you discover what happened and all the background by aswering questions. We know that many newsroom tried gamification before. But we are building a platform more useful than a simple game. For readers it’s a paradigmatic change: they become active part of the learning process. Then can they share results and challenge friends and challenge public figures, like politicians who claims to know everything about that complex topic. For journalists it could help their method: all they have to do is write down questions and possible answers just during they are writing a traditional piece of news. Little effort, great results! Or "keep it simple, stupid!". We’ve created a prototype of the quiz. The back end is entirely dynamic and automated, and it has been build from scratch. It fetches information from a Google spreadsheet. We want to make "Games of News" and complete it as soon as possible. So we define a road map: by september we’re gonna have the app and do some internal testing. Then we can go public. We would be very proud if in june 2018 we will meet all Editors Lab finalists again for our collaborative version of "Games of News". "Games of News", your answers everyday!
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