Bubble Pop!

Bubble Pop!

Organisation: Twenty Three (Weekly Korea) (South Korea)

Publication Date: 04/14/2018


Bubble Pop project aims to break the filter bubble of politics section readers. Filter Bubble deters the development of democracy by increasing the level of bias within politically affiliated readers. This not only makes people vulnerable to fake news, but also isolates different groups of the society. Especially in regards to the current political status that further polarized the political spectrum, we thought that hearing the ideas of different people is crucial for the well-being of the society. The main function of our project is invisiblizing the name of the press and reporter. By doing so, readers would be reading news articles from different sources, including the ones that they would not be reading if given the source. After reading the article, users can freely comment and evaluate the article. This would allow readers with different political perspectives to engage in conversations, thus fostering a new community that consists of readers from all political spectrum. Before accessing the newsfeed, users will be asked to fill out a survey that checks prior preference on various press, political affiliation, and the region that they live in. This data would be used to compile a report on individual press that includes information on what type of people liked the articles of the press. Because our service requires certainty on one’s political affiliation & knowledge in politics, the main target audience of our project would be highly dedicated politics section readers which is about two million people in Korea. Speaking of monetization plan, our business model incorporates medium-sized press that craves to enhance the reputation. While major press would be automatically included in the newsfeed, those press can pay fee to be in the newsfeed. Thus, those press would be able to be evaluated solely based on the quality of their article and attract new readers.


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