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China has suffered from air pollution as the economy grows for the past two decades and many Chinese people are complaining about it as they said the government should shut down factories, or reduce...
Country: China
They say a country is made out of millions of presidents. Everyone thinks he can do better than the actual president, is judgemental or, the opposite, adores the president, endorses his actions and...
Country: Romania
A newsgame to visualize food losses and waste during the whole production chain, from initial agricultural production to the household consumption.
Country: Argentina
Indonesia suffered one of the worst forest fires in the world, last year. Almost 2,1 million hectares of forest land mostly in Borneo, Sumatera and West Papua, burned to the ground, spreading haze...
Country: Indonesia
G’day. Australians love going to the beach.

But it’s far more dangerous than they think and every year our national addiction to the beach kills hundreds of people.

We use news judgment, data...
Country: Australia
A game centered on educating the public about the unique struggles affecting trans community

It’s a first-person game in which players must navigate the world as a trans person trying to access a...
Country: United States

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