Organisation: DER STANDARD / derStandard.at

Facebook admins routinely delete comments on their page, if they don't meet their standards. Or to silence critical voices. Facebook Monitor...

Organisation: ORF - Austrian Broadcasting Corporation

Bot-OX is a framework that allows ORF-Journalists to quickly generate Facebook Messenger Chat-Bots, that can be used to collect all kinds of data...

Organisation: Bayerischer Rundfunk/BR Data

Thousands of publicly owned companies are running trains, finance or infrastructure services all over Europe. However, information about these...

Organisation: Rheinische Post

RP maps is an interactive map aimed at the reporters in our newsroom at the Rheinische Post. The maps puts on display the amount of articles about...

Organisation: Kiln for WRI / The Guardian

Created by Kiln for the World Resources Institute, and featured on the Guardian, this fully responsive interactive tracks global carbon dioxide...

Organisation: International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), Le Monde, The Guardian and 64 media partners

Swiss Leaks is a collaborative data-driven investigation by more than 170 reporters that exposes how the Swiss branch of one of the world’s...

Organisation: ProPublica

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released data in April on the treatments performed by, and the payments made to, more than 880,000...

Organisation: BBC News Visual Journalism team

Our project was designed to drive up public participation in sport. To do this we used the buzz around Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games as a backdrop...

Organisation: El Financiero


This web app aims to inform citizens about returns to education (the relationship between the number of years of schooling and...

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