Fiona Macleod

FIONA MACLEOD is founder of Africa's first journalistic investigation unit focusing on environmental issues. Oxpeckers Investigative Environmental Journalism combines traditional investigative reporting with data analysis and geo-mapping tools to expose eco-offences and track organised crime syndicates in southern Africa.

Oxpeckers won the Written Media Award for both Print and Online in the prestigious SAB EnviroMedia Awards in October 2014, and again in 2017 for its #MineAlert data investigations into financial provisions for mine closures and rehabilitation. In October 2016 Oxpeckers won the Environment Award at the CNN Multichoice African Journalist Awards for its exposés on rhino poaching and trafficking.

The unit works with a network of Associates who specialise in environmental reporting. Complex investigations are told visually using dynamic infographics, “single story” animated maps and data visualization to augment more traditional story packages.

Prior to founding Oxpeckers, Macleod worked as an award-winning journalist and editor at a range of the region's top media. She served as environmental editor at the Mail & Guardian newspaper for 10 years, and was awarded the prestigious Nick Steele Award recognising her contributions to environmental conservation through her pioneering reportage.


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