Estou aqui

Estou aqui

Organisation: Diário de Notícias (Portugal)

Publication Date: 02/27/2015


"Estou Aqui" (I am here) it's a map to show the users the news next to them and the news relevant to the portuguese-speaking communities, report stories and build a community around challenges. The key is location. That's the first thing we need to know, to make sure the news from the users' countries don't get lost. Because the problem we identify is that although portuguese media report about portuguese-speaking countries that is not always visible in the homepage, where local news tend to get the spotlight. So those news end up hidden away in the pages almost nobody ever sees. We want to change that by directing the user to a map where we show the news from “their backyard”, in a very visual way, but also from all portuguese speaking countries. In this map the user can also send spontaneous reports that they think are important. Because it's sometimes hard to get people to participate, we will challenge them, asking for reports, photos or videos of an event or place. We think this is a great way of building a community, while at the same time will allow us to use a network of millions of portuguese-speaking citizen reporters, enriching the reports of the journalists with different perspectives. So it's my news, our news, global challenges... all in a map, all in portuguese.

Technologies used for this project:

On our prototype we use html and javascript with iquery and the Google Maps api. We plan to integrate our tool with DN's back-office, supported by Microsoft technologies (.NET framework and over SQL Server).


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