Your name through the last 50 years

Your name through the last 50 years

Publication Date: 03/09/2015



Using historical Open Data from the city of Montevideo, we allowed people to see the evolution of their name's popularity over time. The data contained the names of every single person born in Montevideo for 50 years, and after inputting you name (or several separated by commas) and your year of birth, one could see a graph showing the evolution of that name's popularity trough time, as well as data from the year of your birth such as the most popular names of that year. Fun examples were provides that showed popular culture influence in manes, such as a spike in the early 2000's for the name "Shakira", one in the 60's for "Fidel" or the fading popularity of "José", name of our national hero.

Technologies used for this project:

HTML, Javascript
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