A Tu Servicio (At Your Service)

A Tu Servicio (At Your Service)

Organisation: DATA Uruguay (Uruguay)

Publication Date: 03/09/2015



Every year in february around half the population in Uruguay has the option to change it’s health service provider. For the last three years key performance indicators have been published in spreadsheets but very few people actually consulted them. To promote informed decision making, DATA Uruguay proposed the creation of a visualization and comparison tool to the Ministry of Health and thus A Tu Servicio is born. Since it’s launch, A Tu Servicio has multiplied by the hundreds the amount of people who has accessed the data compared to previous years. Public and press reception has been very positive, and several small investigations based on the data have spawned in the local papers. Also, a broader debate on the quality of the data gathered by the Ministry of Public Health emerged with the participation of local politicians, the press and government authorities. The broad accessibility of the data has made evident errors in the data, it’s reporting or the methods of collection. Also, health service providers have shown great concern on the quality of their data, something that hadn’t happened in the last three years where publication was in plain spreadsheets.

Technologies used for this project:

HTML, Ruby on Rails
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