The Dutch are playing catch-up: Investing in datajournalism

The Dutch are playing catch-up: Investing in datajournalism

Organisation: de Volkskrant (Netherlands)

Publication Date: 06/08/2014



A collection of ten articles and data visualizations made by the data team of de Volkskrant. de Volkskrant only recently started investing into datajournalism (september 2012). Four recent online interactive data visualizations: The most influential people in the Netherlands. The local elections: compare municipalities on their choices. The local elections: compare municipalities on the campaigns. Traffic accidents: how save is your commute? Six recent print articles: Plagiarism: the case of Nijkamp. Tax avoidance: where does it happen? Supermarkets: who decides on your diet? Decentralization: are municipalities ready and able? The local elections: where did the money go to? The local elections: does it matter what you vote?

Technologies used for this project:

Javascript, Ruby, excel, spss, a hidden camera, surveys and negotiations were used to make all these articles and datavisualizations happen. Interesting aspects include: de Volkskrant started with professional online datavisualization in september 2013. de Volkskrant started with datajournalism in september 2012. A ruby code was written to scrape and bypass the limitations of the Chamber of Commerce. Since no supermarket wanted to give the data, we decided to film the shelves ourselves. The biggest decentralization in recent history came with a big question mark: are municipalities prepared? We decided to use a large survey that half of the municipalities returned to us. The website on the local elections was constantly updated and our most prominent 'article' on the side in the weeks running up to the elections, and got many viewers. Using interactive datavisualization we found a way to share a lot more data about the most influential people - data we have been acquiring for many years - than the limitations of paper allowed us to. Most interactive datavisualizations were on the top of the list of most viewed pages on our website. Not included: In september 2013 we started with an online whistleblower website called Publeaks, which has led to articles with huge impact (including a national and popular politician leaving office).
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