Cargografias: Visualizing the power of state

Cargografias: Visualizing the power of state

Organisation: HacksHackers (Argentina)

Publication Date: 03/27/2015



Cargografias is a visualization that shows the politicians careers in a easy-to-read timeline for you to draw conclusions. Cargografias is an experimental visualization tool that reveals the careers of the politicians inside the state. Looking at a plotline of their past, we can choose wisely in the future. Cargografias is a tool for voters and for other 'power users' as well: ~ Journalists adding visualization to their writings ~ Investigators getting clues out of tons of data ~ Other Data Journalism tools using Cargografias as an API source of data ~ Civic Society and ONG’s trying to uncover lost trails Whenever voters face an election, it's hard to know where the candidates were, what they did and where they came from within the State itself. In a recent poll did for their millennials audience (, "a timeline tool to see politicians past" came up first on what the wanted to help decide their vote. We want to help the undecided voter, the journalist wanting to substantiate his/her news and or the investigator wanting to add visualization to their thesis

Technologies used for this project:

Cargografias uses MySociety Popit component from the Poplus components as a Politicians database (open source and open data) We use Angular.js as the framework to interact with the user and with the Popit instance. We use D3.js as the tool to build the visualizations online as the user customizes it. This pipeline let's us make Cargografias very light and cheap to maintain, letting other countries add their own instances with very little inverstment.


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