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Organisation: Journal (Burundi)

Publication Date: 04/06/2015



Estimated at 80 000 assessed on 17 provinces of Burundi, Batwa community represents 1% of Burundi population. This minority lives a special life. They especially live of the product of pottery and most of them are sure there is no other mean to live beyond pottery. Other communities are sensitized to change their living manner by investing in school. Reluctantly, a large number of Batwa communities don’t want to send their children to school. According to a member of their association Uniproba (Unissons-nous pour le Progrès des Batwa = Be United for Batwa Progress) holding a university level , Mr Katihabwa Arthémon ,less than 26 persons attended university studies, less than 250 persons attended high school level and about 400 children are in primary school. The goal of the project The goal of the project is to make sensitive donors, NGO’s, various numbers of development associations and Batwa collectivities themselves to pay much attention to Batwa community education while it is a special need for the future. In the other ways ,the project aims to plead for Batwa community by addressing information from all provinces to show donors and other organizations engaged in equal development to tackle Batwa community problems. Why the Batwa community? Batwa community is a minority of Burundi ethnic groups whose very few of them have been at school and it is not easy to meet who reached university level for that they are absent in many organizations. I fear this can lead the country to many problems of social insecurity. Moreover, this can in the future lead Batwa community itself to an auto marginalized society that can’t visibly face to development realities. Problems that Batwa community faces in Burundi They are not visible in administration and independent organizations like media, banks, high schools, universities, micro finances, business companies, transport companies, sport clubs…then they aren’t informed about what is on in those organizations. They are not visible in politics (no political party led by Batwa community member), so there’s no influence in making political decisions concerning them mainly. They difficultly recognize that they have the same rights with other communities then don’t go to school in a large number. They are not visible in army and police and always complain. No grounds and no solid homes then they are victims of natural disasters like hunger, floods, storms... They never contract debts from banks because most of them don’t know reading and writing so they never plan strong development projects Marginalization, discrimination and exclusion by other communities The main reason of all those problems is that they are not sensitized to reach education until the highest level. Future goals After the campaign, different organizations will be aware that they have to reach Batwa community by creating projects related to their education. Batwa community will be aware that there’s no other way to be developed than sending their children to school. If they begin to abandon some habits , it’s because of the act of media, so I am sure this project will contribute to solve Batwa educational problems.

Technologies used for this project:

Digital media Adobe Photoshop SMS Sound Cloud API to record voices stories Youtube &API for videos Adobe Première Pro for editing videos Adobe Audition 2.0 for editing sound HTML5 Microsoft Office Picture Manager Facebook to ask people to share eloquent pictures


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