Germany - A Nation Divided

Germany - A Nation Divided

Organisation: Zeit Online (Germany)

Publication Date: 04/07/2015


What does Germany’s reunification look like nearly a quarter century later? Germans worked hard to make decades of division disappear. Only a few meters of the Berlin Wall remain standing. It’s as if the former border with West Germany simply vanished. We sought data to tell the story of German unity – or its continued division. We found statistics speaking more precisely than many direct witnesses to these historic events. Some show East Germany’s borders so clearly, they look as if they were created before the Wall fell in 1989. Credits: Data visualization, infographics: Lisa Borgenheimer, Paul Blickle, Julian Stahnke, Sascha Venohr Text: Christian Bangel Editorial coordination, video: Fabian Mohr

Technologies used for this project:

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python Tools: Excel, Illustrator. Mapping vertical scrolling to horizontal animations, with text in between. Works well on mobile.
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