How the Singapore Government is spending its dollars in 2015

How the Singapore Government is spending its dollars in 2015

Organisation: Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (Singapore)

Publication Date: 04/10/2015



This is a breakdown on how the Singapore Government is allocating its finances in 2015. For FY2015, the Overall Budget Balance is projected to be a deficit of $6.7 billion or 1.7 per cent of GDP. However, this deficit will be covered by past surpluses with no draw on past reserves. The most difficult part was rethinking the layout and the idea of responsive so that readers who accessed the site via mobile devices could easily interpret the data without having to jump onto their desktop. If they did visit via their desktop, they would see an enhanced version of the responsive mobile edition. We chose to use a story-like structure with overall information at the top, guiding the user through the different layers of the budget as they scrolled down the page. The expenditure graphic also goes down 3 levels into the expense data. At the same time, the reader can easily see the previous 3 years' information at a glance. We provided context with the current budget data, with graphs down the bottom that helped the reader see how this budget compares with those of the last 20 years. We gave the reader the option to view the data in dollars or as a percentage so they could easily make comparisons with previous years. We also included a $1 billion scale bar to help readers understand the proportion of the numbers visually. Readers could also zoom into their areas of interest quickly with a search box.

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