Organisation: VRT (Belgium)

Publication Date: 06/04/2015



THEME: Connecting the news, together What? In short: a tool that shows you in an easy, fast and visually appealing way what is going on in the news. Globally or locally, you choose the scale. Continent, country or region. How? Users who visit the site, see a big grid with images of different sizes. The images, which represent the headlines of the major newsmedia, grow bigger when they get more popular on social media, or smaller when the interest declines. In other words, the grid is in motion all the time. When you move your pointer over an image, you see the title and the source. We use rss-feeds to pull the headlines in. In our prototype we have included the major European newswebsites and, to give you a more local example, the Belgian newsmedia. Who is it for? Basically, for everyone who follows the news and wants more information or other points of view. More in particular, we see this as a useful research tool for editors and journalists. Possibilities? See what stories are popular in one single, interactive grid When breaking news happens: look immediately what’s on local websites Discover interesting local stories before other media Find sources you wouldn’t think of otherwise Compare the same story on different newssites

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