Maps of protests in Brazil

Maps of protests in Brazil

Organisation: G1 (Brazil)

Publication Date: 01/18/2016

Size of team/newsroom:large


The maps show the number of protesters in each manifestation (against and in favor of president Dilma) by city in Brazil. Through those maps, people can realize the dimension of the civil movement in the country as a whole, how it spreads and where it is more concentrated. People can also check if there is any protest happening in their city. It is also important to notice the disparities between the estimated number of protesters released by the police and by the organizers. These maps are the only tool available in the Brazilian press that show in real time the evolution of the protests. After the release, the page has been replicated in other sites, including foreigners. And the maps are still being used. They became an official source of information and a thermometer of the streets.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

That is the only real-time project of geolocation of the protests in Brazil. There are five editors gathering the info with 27 G1 affiliates' journalists around the country and organizing it on a Google spreadsheet. Three reporters are responsible for updating the Cartodb maps, with the help of a programmers team. It means that at least 40 people are involved in this task. The maps became an important source of information and are being used by all media.

Technologies used for this project:

To accomplish the main goal, the team decided to use Cartodb. The idea of placing two maps side by side emerged from the necessity of a comparison between the estimated number by the police and the number informed by the organizers. There is also a geojson file, updated in real time.
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