Portfolio Alberto Lucas López

Portfolio Alberto Lucas López

Organisation: South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

Publication Date: 03/22/2016

Size of team/newsroom:small


ALBERTO LUCAS LÓPEZ, Graphics Director at South China Morning Post While I was studying Journalism at University of Navarra (Spain), I had the great fortune of discovering the subject of Infographic. In the first class, I was surprised by its basic concepts. In the second, I started to believe the maxim which claims that infographics is JOURNALISM IN CAPITAL LETTERS. By the third class, I was already addicted to this passionate world. In January 2015 I become Graphics Director at South China Morning Post. I lead graphics department in researching and creating information graphics, maps and charts for the newspaper and web sites.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

Sometimes we see as incorrect what is different from our view of clear structures, strict order, and synthesis. But it’s just a different visual culture. Language is not just words. We communicate visually as well, but even our visual symbols are not a universal language. And just as the same gesture can have different meanings from culture to culture, the way visual information is used in graphics can have different meanings depending on the cultural context. In China for example, the difference in style has to do with Chinese writing. I could clearly see the parallelism between the Chinese characters and the visual preferences. They tend to be complex symbols with many elements compressed in a reduced space. That’s the basis of their visual culture. All projects are new beautiful challenges.

Technologies used for this project:

Each topic requires me different tools. Sometimes these tools are radically different (such as illustration in pencil and watercolor with advanced cartographic programs), but they complement each other resulting in a unique visual piece.
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