How does your borough fare at clearing snow?

How does your borough fare at clearing snow?

Organisation: Montreal Gazette (Canada)

Publication Date: 03/22/2016


Size of team/newsroom:large


The City of Montreal kept a simple dashboard showing the progress of snow removal crews for each city borough. It detailed when operations began and when they were scheduled to end. I scraped this dashboard for 14 months, over seven major snowstorms. I then calculated when the operations hit 100%, and compared it to the official estimates. I found that some boroughs were better at estimating removal times than others. When compared with the snow removal budgets, I was also able to see which boroughs were more efficient and which were wasteful.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

It was the first time this kind of long-term, numbers-driven analysis was done with snow removal, which is a big topic of gripes among residents.

Technologies used for this project:

ScraperWiki to scrape the city's snow removal dashboard as well as snowfall data from Environment Canada. Excel for number crunching. Tableau for visualizing the data.
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