Germany in Flames

Germany in Flames

Organisation: Zeit Online (Germany)

Publication Date: 04/07/2016

Size of team/newsroom:large


A team of reporters from ZEIT ONLINE and DIE ZEIT looked into 222 violent attacks on refugee hostels in 2015. Each of the attacks either resulted in injuries or were of an intensity that they could have done so. The result: Almost no convictions and the perpetrators go unpunished. The team that conducted the research was quite big, these are the full credits: Paul Blickle, Kai Biermann, Philip Faigle, Astrid Geisler, Götz Hamann, Lenz Jacobsen, Anna Kemper, Martin Klingst, Karsten Polke-Majewski, Stefan Schirmer, Hannes Soltau, Julian Stahnke, Toralf Staud, Tilman Steffen and Sascha Venohr.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

This is a data project was a labor-intensive research with many phone calls and e-mail conversations asking the law enforcement authorities about the present status of investigations in more than 220 cases all over the country. Our goal was getting a detailed picture of the situation in Germany. That's why we created a structured asked catalog about the case, the suspects etc. 15 journalists worked collaboratively and created a rich dataset. This gave us the opportunity to identify special cases for in-depth research on location, showing regional pattern of anti-refugee violence and aggregate the numbers. to keep it short: A data driven story based on a new dataset created by journalists.

Technologies used for this project:

javascript, d3.js, mapbox.js
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