DDJ website La Nación Costa Rica

DDJ website La Nación Costa Rica

Organisation: La Nación (Costa Rica) (Costa Rica)

Publication Date: 04/08/2016

Size of team/newsroom:large


This website collects the history of more than three years of projects, reports and data visualizations based on analysis of databases made by the Intelligence Unit Data La Nacion Costa Rica. The intention is, in one place, the readership can find, easily, all our publications, data visualizations and to download databases that gave rise to most of our projects. In addition, the methodologies that supported our analysis are plenty explained step by step.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

This site allows readers interested in data journalism navigate, so friendly and easy, for all graphic content, articles, data visualizations , videos and motion graphics produced by La Nación Costa Rica. You can explore the contents according to six broad categories of issues discussed: Economy, Education, Environment, Politics, Public Services and Social issues. In addition, can choose from four different filters to select the types of publications made: Special Interactive, articles, infographics and video- motion graphics. In the Unit, the datasets used to support projects can be downloaded by those who wish to explore the information on their own. These databases are available in Excel, CSV and TXT formats and generally accompany the article explaining the methodology used for analysis. Including an explanation of the method being followed is a fundamental rule of Data Journalism. It is vital that the reader know how the study was conducted, each step followed by the journalist, the exclusions or inclusions of figures, and the criteria applied, among others. Our intention is to tell the reader the process applied to data, in case they want to replicate it, criticize it, or improve it. For this, it is vital to have access to the data used in the study. Most of our projects have been based on requests for access to public databases. That is, those databases that are not available for download from the Internet with all the necessary variables for journalistic purposes. However, open and semi-open formats existing in the Websites of the National Institute of Statistics and Census, the Foreign Trade Promoter, the Comptroller General’s Office, to mention the most recurring ones, have been an important input to expedite the development of some publications. In other cases, we mine the data or built the sets manually, extracting all of the information which we deemed vital from public resolutions and documents that are online, but in Word and PDF format.

Technologies used for this project:

This website includes: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Fancybox js, Skrollr JS, Modernizr JS, Animate Number JS, Isotype, Jquery, Canvas, Google Fonts, SVG and Headroom.js. To build the news applications, programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, ParallaxJS, Modernizr JS, JSON, AJAX, SVG, Jquery, JS, AnimateNumber JS were used. Use of tools: Brackets, After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Pngyu App, Sketch App, Invision App, paper and pencil. For data management, the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition x 64 bits was used as the lead database manager system. In the generation of the HTML which enabled loading the data in the interactive site, Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (SSIS) was used as a platform which allowed generating high-performance data-integration solutions, among which packs for mining, transforming and loading data were included. Meanwhile, data analysis used to be carried out with Google Spreadsheets, Excel, Stata 13, Public Refine and R. To convert PDF to csv, PDF2XL | CogniView and Tabula were used.


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