Singapore General Election 2015 Live Results

Singapore General Election 2015 Live Results

Organisation: The Straits Times (Singapore)

Publication Date: 04/08/2016


Size of team/newsroom:large


The essential moving part of any election coverage graphically is the live results page. Months of design and coding went into making sure this page could withstand the pressures of delivering real-time results fast and to a large number of users without crashing or breaking. This page was also shown as a widget on the Straits Times home and politics pages – it was the first thing our readers would see when they opened It was important for us to show the key information first and then allow for people to dive down into the data if they wanted. First, we had the number of ‘seats’ won represented in a horizontal bar chart. Each box represents a ‘seat’ and is coloured according to the party who won the seat. Then, we represented this information in a table – something Singaporeans and ST readers are more used to seeing. We also gave readers the option to view the results as an ‘overall vote share’ which visually showed how the other parties were performing in comparison. Underneath the table, we highlighted the results of four of the hot seats. These were frequently changing and decided by the news editors right up into the hours before results were announced so we made sure we could easily change this by updating a column in a spreadsheet. Finally, we showed the results on a map of Singapore which could be viewed either with geographical boundaries or weighted according to the number of seats in the constituency. Readers could then deep dive into the results by viewing the % of victory margin and vote share by political party. Underneath this we had a series of constituency cards in alphabetical order. What is most important to the Singaporean voter is to see the results of their constituency, so readers were able to access this information one of three ways: 1. Click on the constituency directly on the map. 2. Type in the constituency name in the search bar. 3. Type in a candidate’s name in the search bar. Later on, we linked our candidates graphic with these cards so if a reader wanted to find out more information about a candidate, all they had to do was click on the name and this opens up their card. This was the most viewed page for the entire Straits Times website during the GE2015 election.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

This was the first time the Straits Times built a customised real-time election results tracker which in turn served the unique purposes expected by the Singaporean voter. It was also real-time, making it the first port of call for those following the election results.

Technologies used for this project:

It is a custom-built website and fully responsive using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It utilises D3.js for data manipulation and visualisation. The data was updated in a Google sheet and uploaded to the server in CSV format each time a constituency's results came in.


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