The Events That Pushed Greece to the Economic Brink

The Events That Pushed Greece to the Economic Brink

Organisation: The Wall Street Journal (United States)

Publication Date: 04/08/2016

Size of team/newsroom:large


This graphic was produced in the wake of the Greek referendum on whether to accept a new package of austerity measures. We thought it was a good time to provide a historical look at how the country's economic crisis has eroded investors' in its ability to pay its debt -- a sentiment which can be seen in yields on the country's bonds.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

This interactive provides a new, mobile-first approach to the classic annotated time-series chart. Instead of placing annotations over the top of the chart, they appear as a scrollable list, with the chart animating to the annotated point in time. This provides a far better experience on mobile than regular annotations would, and provides room for additional photos and charts within the annotations themselves.

Technologies used for this project:

D3 for creating and animating the chart, Mustache and jQuery for manipulating the page, Moment.js for date formatting and manipulation, and Sticky Plugin for jQuery for sticking the chart top the top of the screen on mobile. Everything else is custom-built.
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