Power and Tower

Power and Tower

Organisation: Caixin Media Company Limited (China)

Publication Date: 04/09/2016



In China, a number of local governments tended to build lavish governmental office buildings. And this is always disputable in public discourse that people doubt if the public budget was misused. A series of photos are collected to bring about discussion on the omnipresence of the phenomenon and related issue on public interest. In this multimedia photo essay, a range of technologies was employed including mobile device geolocation, accelerometer and maps. --Photo Series Discussing Public Interest: Photography seizes the moment of news and tells the story vividly. In this case, the affluent office buildings look even more thrilling in a panoramic composition. --New Technologies: A few technologies and gadgets were employed in the project, namely mobile accelerometer, geolocation system, Google Map, in this multimedia project. This is an innovative way to present photo essay in local media industry. The project is disseminated in two versions, one for computers and the other one fit on mobile devices. Google Map was used in the computer version, where users can choose a location by clicking a tag. This would bring to the user a satellite photo showing all the streets and buildings in the neighbourhood. The user can compare the size of the lavish governmental building to the constructions nearby. --Mobile-First: In China, it is observed that mobile news reading is more predominant than desktop news reading. On the mobile version, a message to encourage user to check the desktop version is attached.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

--Mobile Adaptation and “Mock Virtual Reality” presentation: Accelerometer detects the motion of the mobile phone and the image shifts accordingly to simulate a “mock Virtual Reality” presentation. Contents are also simplified to facilitate mobile reading.

Technologies used for this project:

JavaScripts, mobile accelerometer
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