The Restless Middle East

The Restless Middle East

Organisation: Caixin Media Company Limited (China)

Publication Date: 04/09/2016



The rise of ISIS, the related terrorist attacks around the globe, and refugee crisis in Europe has alarmed the world. Chinese audience had been paying more and more attention to the issue while what really happened in the Middle East, especially the interrelationships between different powers, is yet to be clearly explained and displayed. Interactive Map with Narratives and Facts: In this explanatory journalism project, the politics, economy, religions, cultures are included in an interactive map, where users can have an overview or explore more in details. Curating Multimedia Storytelling: The complex geopolitics can be puzzling for users and therefore editors “curated” the storytelling plot to facilitate understanding. Besides the aforementioned interactive map, three more news angles were tailored to further explain the subject, namely history of terrorism, geopolitics, and victims of conflicts, which are presented in the form of long article, data infographic, and photo essay respectively.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

Mobile Adaptation: The whole project is divided into four parts adapting to the mobile presentation with simplified operating procedures and more linear flow of narrative. Design Enables Vivid Illustration but Avoids Emotional Incitement: Compelling news photos were used as the background of the news project’s webpages to portray the fright and dread in the area. Layout design with a non-symmetric format describes the restlessness. Purplish red, instead of cardinal red, was used as the main colour tone to avoid users being appalled.

Technologies used for this project:

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