Crowdsourcing 1000 electoral promises

Crowdsourcing 1000 electoral promises

Organisation: Le Monde (France)

Publication Date: 04/09/2016


Size of team/newsroom:large



For the french regional elections, in partnership with 12 journalism schools all over the country, we crowsourced every electoral promise coming for France's regions presidents bringing another mandate. We finally checked about 1000 promises, and were able to tell, region by region, how many were kept or broken

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

We had to make up a method to help about 120 students do an item-by-item fact-checking. To come to a datavisualisation, we had to set up a database of the promises and their destiny.

Technologies used for this project:

Javascript and html/css were used for the datavisualization.
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