News Shaman

News Shaman

Organisation: The Texas Tribune (United States)

Publication Date: 04/09/2016


News Shaman aims to highlight the emotional impact and rhythmic flow of reading a collection of news stories. Its first version is an editorial tool that offers a quick view of the emotional analytics of a given story or list of stories. This allows a publisher to gauge whether their feature series or newsletter digest is setting an emotional tone that fits their readers, and begin to iterate on the best flow for their content; is it better to open with a downer and finish with an inspiring glimmer of hope, or start irreverent and end with a sober reflection? Combined with analytics tools, News Shaman can begin to answer these questions, and help gain editorial insight into how readers are reading and reacting to stories.

Technologies used for this project:

This project was built as a static website using Middleman. It leverages AlchemyAPI to get a story's emotional data, and the Embedly API for embedding a preview of the content, using AJAX calls. We used jQuery for dynamic content and API calls, and Sass for advanced styling. Our logo and original images were created using Illustrator, and presentation and collaboration were managed with Google Drive. The project is deployed on Heroku.
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