How expensive is your neighbourhood?

How expensive is your neighbourhood?

Organisation: Mediafin (Belgium)

Publication Date: 04/13/2016


Size of team/newsroom:small


This interactive map shows the real estate prices in every Belgian neighbourhood. Readers can zoom in on their own neighbourhood by using two search fields for entering their address. After zooming in, the average price and the number of houses sold (over the years 2010-2014, the most recent available data) for the neighbourhood are shown. Using an index, the real estate prices for every neighbourhood are compared to the average price of houses in the municipality the neighbourhood belongs to. The colors on the map reflect this index: red is below average, blue is above. Maps for 12 cities appeared in print too and served as the basis for feature articles on the real estate market in these cities.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

The map contains a lot of data (400.000+ house sales, worth more than 91 billion euros, in 19.782 neighbourhoods), yet it is very easy for readers to locate their own neighbourhoods and assess the house prices there. Becaus the names and limits of the neighbourhoods are not very well known among the population (they were only released as open data in December 2015), readers have to enter their municipality, street and house number in order to find the data most relevant to them. The tool identifies the reader's neighbourhood by geocoding the address and executing a query to a geographical database. The map was designed to work well on desktop, tablet and phones.

Technologies used for this project:

Datawrangling and reshaping: R Geographic datawrangling: QGIS Geographic database in the cloud: CartoDB Online mapping:CartoDB.js Autocomplete search field: Twitter Typeahead Mapping on paper: QGIS


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