CIPPEC’S Early Childhood on the Agenda

CIPPEC’S Early Childhood on the Agenda

Organisation: Sociopublico (Argentina)

Publication Date: 04/13/2016


Size of team/newsroom:small


Early childhood is the most important phase in emotional, physical and intellectual development. In Argentina, children are especially vulnerable in their early childhood: 21.6% of children under 4 years old are poor (12.9% of the general population live below the poverty line). In order to contribute to the reversion of this situation, the project “Early Childhood in Agenda” was launched and aimed at installing in the public debate the problem of early childhood and at promoting an integral approach from the policy system. The website is mainly targeted to public officers and experts that work on early childhood. The policy community on early childhood is very fragmented in Argentina, depending on the sector in which they work at (health, education, care, monetary transferences, family leaves, etc.). Furthermore, the information available for decision making currently lacks of systematization and regularity and in federal countries such as Argentina, equal access is frequently an important challenge. Since it was launched, the website has had huge media repercussion: CIPPEC´s team was interviewed in main national radio shows and the website was mentioned in 27 radios, 48 newspapers, 63 websites and four TV shows. All in less than a year.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

The website’s added value is to gather in one place all the information available and to produce new data that include costs estimations for the set of public policies proposed in a user-friendly format. The design includes different sections with statistics that reflect the situation of children and their families, a map of public policies and public investment of the national level, and a section with relevant documents, videos and other material (both national and international).

Technologies used for this project:

We used Wordpress to develop this project.
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